Using highly trained UAV Pilots in business is essential, we alleviate that problem by bringing them to you. 

US Drone and Aerial was founded in 2019 and is a woman, minority and veteran owned company. Specializing in aerial photography including real estate, inspection, commercial services, security, missing persons assistance and even crop assessment and special assistance. 

We look to attain growth services by assisting other veterans and their spouse across the United States in attaining their Commercial FAA drone licenses. It is our goal to give the most high quality services in the aerial field, using nothing but Phantom 4 and Typhoon H drones to allow us the best video and imagery in the industry. 

Adhering to all FAA licensing laws and flight protocols we can do aerial work in almost any and all industries. Founded by a mother of 4 who understands the quality of imagery and graphics. Co-founded by a network and systems specialist who not only understands the logistics of flight but also the laws behind it. 


Many people may ask WHY should I use an FAA 107 certified pilot?

1: The first reason is fines, these fines can be incredibly high. These are also per used photo that is non compliant. Therefore they can become incredibly high. 

Unlicensed Real Estate Drone Pilot Fines

Actual FAA Drone Fines Real Estate

2: The second reason is skill and timing in acquiring said aerial photos and video.

3: The third is that one must also carry drone insurance. If you are an unlicensed uninsured and unskilled pilot it is like jumping from an aircraft for the first time and believing you have thousands of jumps. You may wind up with a burn in with the drone and sometimes those can be costly especially if that drone goes out of control and into a house, window, car or even someone else. These skills are acquired from thousands of man hours of flight. Not to mention some of the highest level flight training out there. One does not simply master drone flight.

Our analogy to real estate is assuming that just because you just earned your realtors license you believe you have mastered real estate. That is not even possible mastering any skill set takes hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft. It is not simply given to you because you passed a test.